Does the Cure Tooth Decay Diet work?

After three months of the Cure Tooth Decay diet, followed somewhat loosely, the news is good.  Does it work?  Well, the verdict is YES, but read on.

July’s right side x-ray

October’s right side x-ray


July’s left side x-ray

October’s left side x-ray

For those of you just joining the tooth decay saga, the first post was 8 Cavities, 1 Petit Four and Some Fish Head Stew or Cure Your Own Tooth Decay. And the second was Don’t call me crunchy – or Abracadabra, no more cavities!

We did pretty well, but…

We could have done better.  We took out sugar almost entirely.  Seriously.  My 5 year-old had a piece of dark chocolate about once a week, which is allowed on the diet.  We eliminated wheat except for the occasional flour tortilla and we started baking sour dough bread.  We dropped the oatmeal.  We took cod liver oil, skate liver oil, and butter oil, but I realize in hindsight we probably should have been doing this twice daily.  We ate shellfish and fish, but not as often as we should have.  We started drinking raw milk.  We made bone broth soups, once again not consuming it with the frequency suggested by the book.  We never ate liver even though according to Cure Tooth Decay, liver is practically a magical food when it comes to remineralizing teeth.  And I’m sad to admit, I never made the fish head stew, even though we had ample access to fish heads.  I feel like I’m in a confessional, although I must confess that I’ve never been in one, so I just think this must be what it feels like: a little guilty.

My little guy was stellar.  If there were crackers at a gathering, he’d ask, “Mom, can I have these?” If the answer was “No, sorry honey,” that was fine with him.  He was totally on board with the diet.  He really doesn’t want to have rotten teeth.  I’m the one who didn’t serve liver.  Well, I did serve liver pate once, and I was the only one who ate any.

Okay – so here’s what happened at the dentist:

She had no idea that we’d been following a diet.  We just showed up 3 months after his initial x-rays.  She looked in his mouth and then over at the 3 month-old x-rays and said to herself, “Hmmm.  They really don’t look that bad.”  She must have been talking about the two visible biggies.  In other words, they had improved!  Just as I suspected.  I mean, I can see that they have kind of filled in with gum tissue – no more gaping, gray, mushy holes.

Then I chimed in and said, “Oh, we want to take new x-rays.”  She complied.  As we were comparing the two sets of x-rays, I came clean and told her about the diet to remineralize my son’s teeth.  She said that she had heard that it’s possible to remineralize teeth, but not if the decay is down into the pulp of the tooth.  “That would be impossible,” she said.  What I wanted to hear and to report to you is that the six little ones were gone and that the two biggies had greatly improved.

She said that two of the tiny cavities were gone.

But she still recommended filling the other six.  She did not mention her initial positive visual reaction to the x-rays again.  My opinion of this dentist is that she is very aggressive, meaning she really likes to drill!  So now, have a look up at those x-rays.  Start with the left side upper (The second set of photos above).  We’re talking about those tiny little gray marks right where the teeth touch together.  The one on the upper right side of the photo really is gone!  The other upper and the lower right side of the photo really do look improved.  Granted, I’m no x-ray technician, but I don’t think it takes one to see the improvement.  It’s hard to tell from the x-ray if that biggie on his left side has gotten better or worse.  On the x-rays of the right side, the upper teeth didn’t look bad at all to begin with, so it irritates me that the dentist originally wanted to drill on those anyway.  The lower little one looks about the same.  The biggie there on the bottom actually looks worse to me in the x-ray.

The dentist admitted that two were gone, but her treatment plan for the other six is to do fillings to the tune of $2300.  Our plan at this point is to resume the diet after totally blowing it after Halloween and two birthday parties.  We will double up on the fish oil, eat more soup and shellfish, and I will disregard the faces my family gives me and make fish head stew.  There.  No more dentist for now.  If Sugarbooger starts to feel pain or if the biggies get visibly worse, I’ll be sending an email out to all the cool homeschool families out there requesting their recommendations for a holistic dentist.

I hope yall find this to be informational enough.  I really wish I could say that we ate shellfish twice a week, took cod liver oil twice a day, and ate loads of liver and fish head soup, because then I’d really know what the effects of the diet are.  I feel confident that the diet works considering we did a pretty good job of following it and at least two out of eight cavities healed themselves.  Where we excelled was in what we didn’t eat and I feel good about that, especially since I read this quote the other day:

Following a diet begins with what you don’t eat.

Believe me, I’ll be letting you know if things improve or deteriorate as we continue eating these nutrient rich foods.  I looked into what I should be eating for joint health recently, and it happens to be the same stuff.  These cavities might really be the best thing that’s ever happened to us.  I’ll let you know how my joints are holding up in another 35 years or so.

I’d also LOVE to get some dentist’s thoughts on all of the above.  Please forward it to your dentist buddies.   😀

The update to this post is: Verdict: Cure Tooth Decay Diet only works if you’re superhuman



  1. says

    thank you Betsy, this is what I wanted to hear, not at all surprised about the dentist’s reaction though. Why should she admit that a much simpler (and cheaper) option might work bettter than her 2300 dollar treatment. Keep up the good work. We will try as well. But a holistic dentist would be great to find anyways.

  2. Brooke says

    That’s a ridiculous price for restorations in baby teeth. She must still be paying her student loans. Shop around.

  3. Emily says

    Hi Betsy, I am a mom to a 3 year old, just diagnosed with extensive cavities. Dentist wants to put him under general anesthesia and drill and fill and do root canals. We have already gotten a 2nd and 3rd opinion. We are terrified and overwhelmed at the moment. I would be extremely grateful if I could correspondent with you.

    • says

      Wow! Don’t do anything to his teeth right now, and breathe deep. It’ll all work out. Download Cure Tooth Decay or find a copy and start reading! No sugar, no wheat, no oatmeal or whole grains. He needs to start taking high quality cod liver oil NOW – 2x a day. Green Pasture is the brand we use – get the capsules if your son will swallow them. bone broth soups. Fish and shellfish. Protein. Raw Milk. root canals? Is your child in pain? Are the teeth really too far gone? What are the other opinions?

      • Katlin says

        Hello! So I am just starting this diet. I am 16 and it’s very hard to do since I’m the only one eaing this way in my house. Did you eat any meat raw? I have a lot of questions with no one to turn to and no support! Would you be willing to e-mail back and forth? I just ordered my first batch of fermented cod liver oil but can’t find the skate liver oil on Green Pastures website…anyways let me know!

        • says

          Hi Katlin –
          The diet takes a lot of dedication, but you can do it. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a diet that will not just keep your teeth healthy, but your whole body as well. I personally do not eat any raw meat. The bone broth soups and raw milk are the best for building back your body. I would recommend taking the cod liver oil and skate liver oil in capsule form. It’s pretty nasty tasting. 😉 The skate liver oil pills should be on the Green Pastures website.
          I’m not the greatest person to have as your mentor on this. My family has slid into the sugar abyss lately. But considering they’ve made a scientific connection between sugar and the instance of cancer, I’m getting back on the wagon. There are others who have commented on this post who might be able to guide you as well. The book is fantastic, but if your teeth are too far gone, get thee to a dentist. Hope that helps.

  4. Jackie says

    something else to consider is the glycerin, SLS, and fluoride in toothpaste make teeth worse by coating them and preventing nutrient absorption. get a glycerin free toothpaste, you can definitely tell a difference in your teeth pretty quickly.

    • Stephanie says

      Don’t give a child that young toothpaste at all. You don’t need toothpaste. It is the act of brushing the teeth and forming the habit with them that is important. If you feel you must have a toothpaste, then make your own. Just Google homemade toothpaste and find one you like.

  5. ruth wethey says

    Wow! I hope this has kept improving. I have a little one who has developed a cavity. I would love to know how his teeth are going.
    Thanks for putting your story out there.

  6. Cheryl says

    my kids teeth in terrible state, regular trips to dentist, (along with the very disapproving looks of you don’t look after your kids teeth)fighting to get them to clean there teeth, floride paste prt on them, limiting sugar food/drinks, yet they are rapidly getting worse, my 8 year old has his 2nd absess, my 5 year old rapidly following in his footsteps. They are both very picky eaters and the oldest has A.S.D. Have bought vitamins Acde, and omega oil. do I need cod liver oil as well. unsure where to start.

    • says

      Cod liver oil – YES! And bone broth soup every day, raw milk, organ meat, high quality butter. No sugar, wheat, or whole grains including oatmeal – at all. I recommend the book Cure Tooth Decay – but if your child has severe tooth decay or absess, I recommend getting the teeth fixed! After following the diet strictly for 3 months, the two smallest cavities were gone! We got relaxed about the diet, and the two big ones got worse. We ended up filling them – but we waited a little too late. He had developed an infection in the gum beneath the tooth and it took two rounds of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. The diet is awesome, but if the teeth are too far gone, there’s no “curing” that. Hope that helps.

      • Fiona says

        Hi, my 5yr old son has two cavities on the back molars, they look like two black spots right in the middle. I have started with green meadows fermented cod liver oil, i have butter oil made from organic butter, does the butter oil have to be raw? We have started drinking raw milk/cream/butter. We are still eating wheat etc, as I havn’t got the book yet…. is it essential to cut out some food groups? How often do we need to eat shellfish, liver, broth and can we eat red meat. I’m sorry about all the questions I just want to do the right thing as soon as possible so infection doesn’t have a chance to get in. Any advice would be great!! Thanks!!

        • says

          You absolutely have to cut out some foods – whole grains, wheat and sugar being the biggies. Red meat is fine, but the more you eat bone broth soups, shellfish, liver, etc., the more nutrients you are giving your body to make it strong. I highly recommend the book.

    • WOWZA says

      Good Lord. How does this happen? Abcesses in teeth!!! In children under 9. What??????? Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

    • says

      Hi Kat, sorry these replies are so late in coming. We have totally blown the diet. Time to get the teeth checked again. After we got all four of the bottom cavities filled, we just became wheat & sugar eating Americans again. The diet is great – for your teeth and your health, but it’s hard to do for too long. If you have big cavities, you probably need to get them filled. We still take cod liver oil pills and we eat mussels frequently. I make tons of sourdough bread. If we get serious again, we’ll have to take sugar out. My 3 year old will simply not understand.

      • Tammy says

        Hi Betsy,
        Thanks for your honest reply. My 2.5 y.o. has a mouth full of cavities. When she had just one cavity at 18 months I read portions of the book and tried to take and administer cod liver oil, drink raw milk, make my own broths, eat liver, increase veggies/minerals, and limit sweets and wheat/oats, which was easy at this age. After somewhat accomplishing this I felt like it was getting a little better, but it is fairly hard to do with a toddler. Then we moved 2500 miles closer to my in-laws and wheat products as well as other sweets were just too readily available and as your toddler gets older its hard to say no to practically everything in her environment. Its also hard when you are not surrounded with support, even harder when everyone is a critic, even my husband. But a critic for good reason…its an extremely different diet and has to be a lifestyle where you are totally dedicated to spending the time making your own food and saying no to practically everything else (hard to do when food is such a social thing!), and going above and beyond your food and supplement budget.
        My daughters teeth are getting horrible though, and maybe that’s the price to pay?? That’s why Im researching it again and seeing if others have truly found success and or have gotten burnt out. Do you have a link or recipe for sourdough bread? Did you eat raw yogurt and cheeses? Did you feel hungry a lot? Without grains we feel hungry. Anyways, thanks again for your honesty, it’s easy to be encouraged by people when they are starting this diet, but it also makes me feel guilty that I couldn’t maintain it. I think I’ll get her teeth filled in and continue to implement as much of the diet as possible.

        • says

          A year and a half after starting the diet, having some success and then blowing it, I would say that implementing it in any way is a good thing. Simply being conscious of what you eat and passing that on to your children is a huge gift. We still do many of the recommendations in the diet. We drink raw milk – can’t even imagine going back to the pasteurized stuff. I make sourdough on a regular basis. Here is my recipe:
          You’ll have to get a hold of a good starter.
          I do recommend not letting the teeth get too far gone. We ended up filling 4 teeth.
          As for family who doesn’t understand, just be a pillar. Stand in your truth. At first, when you are being conscious, others are intimidated by that and they tend to lash out because on some deep level, they feel threatened and think that they aren’t doing something right. Eventually, they learn to appreciate that there is someone in their lives who makes conscious decisions and paves the way for them to do the same.
          Enjoy life. That’s where I am right now.

          • Daniella says

            My extended family says that I am too skinny…I have lost weight since being on this diet, but I workout as well. I am the healthier for it. I think it’s because this type of eating is so different to what my family is used to, it’s scary to them. Anyway, thanks for the sourdough recipe!

  7. Kyle Loffredo says

    Hi, I have had this pain, that resembles pain of a cavity. I am almost sure it is one, but it is not that bad at all. Just yesterday I started the Cod Liver Oil 2x a day. I don’t have access to bone broth soups. I cut out sugary foods as much as possible, and I started to eat more vegetables(I read elsewhere they are beneficial).
    I just have a few questions:
    -What do you mean by raw milk? Is that just plain milk? or is it a specific kind.
    -Also, what is high quality butter? What does it differ from normal butter
    -Finally, is there any kind of soup that can replace bone broth? Because I feel that is important.

    Thank you so much

    • says

      Raw milk is straight up, unpasteurized milk that you get straight from the farmer. Highly controversial for some bizarre reason right now.
      High quality butter is almost impossible to find. It’s from cows that have been eating the first spring shoots of grass. The book goes into detail about it.
      I suppose any soup with chicken broth would be good, but the idea is to have had the bones simmering in the broth and it’s impossible to know if something OTC fits the description. Boil a chicken or some beef bones! You can do it!

  8. Fabiola diamond says

    I am Hispanic and we eat with bone broth and heat fish soup. In fact in my native Colombia we drink these type of soups everyday.
    It is super easy to make bone soup. Make enough for the whole week and save it in the fridge for 3 days you can also frizz it for the whole week.
    Take 8 cup os water and throw a pound of bone in it , let it boil for 45 to 60 , cut 2 medium size potatoes in slices and two more in quarters, put sal to taste and some scallion, let it boil for another 20 minutes
    Add cilantro and enjoy for breakfast or dinner

    • Notes says

      Quick note – potatoes are very, very starchy (i.e. sugars), and thus to be avoided if dealing with tooth decay — the bacteria which create the products which decay the teeth will be fed by any (or nearly any) sugars — simple or complex carbohydrates.

  9. Suzanne says

    I have a question. I have teeth that frequently develop cavities and I brush and floss more than recommended and I STILL develop a lot of decay. I am having to get a second root canal and I’m only 28. My parents at age 65 are having crumbling and cracked teeth. The dentist says that this is genetic and there’s not much you can do about it. I am going to get the book Cure Tooth decay. My question is I am allergic to fish, is there some other method besides cod liver oil that I can use? I can eat everything else in the book except fish. Thanks for your time.

    • says

      Hi Suzanne –
      The reason for the fish oil is that it has fat soluble vitamins A and D in it. You can get these from other sources. If I remember correctly: raw milk and organ meat. Since we’re not big organ meat fans, we eat mussels a lot. When you eat a mussel or oyster, you are eating the whole little being, organs and all. But you are allergic to fish – so can you handle liver and onions? 😉 Try smothered in bacon… There are so many food suggestions in the book – but mainly things you must avoid eating. I don’t think you’ll be sorry at all about incorporating this diet into your life. good luck!

  10. Ken James says

    Hi Folks,
    (1.) I think most of you are on the correct path in your researches and experiments; however, “multifactoral” approaches [non-genetic/non-congenital] to a condition/malady/disease are extremely hard to gauge- that’s why medical studies are so frustrating to construct and interpret (methodological note).
    (2.) I re-mineralized my teeth (after unthinkingly eating massive quantities of my homemade ‘Serrano Chili Pepper & Lime Salsa’,
    which de-calcified my upper front teeth, which become scarily translucent, with vertical striations!) in the space of 2 weeks- those who witnessed it considered it miraculous. I followed the advise I could glean from the descriptions & blurbs from book “Cure Tooth Decay,” and, together with my own very hard-won knowledge about tooth decay, implemented the following procedures(because harmful (-) microbes need to be killed…
    this is very important!! Note: my mom is a microbiologist):
    (3.)Implemented my *5 Step Emergency Tooth Ache Remedy*
    [*1] **PEPPERMINT Extract** (non-dilute, or dilute- really rub it in, include buccal areas and every part of the oral cavity- especially under gum line and in rear, then rinse immediately with water. Repeat several times- the microbes die almost immediately… PEPPERMINT extract is, IMO, a miracle product for tooth aches- they don’t come back after application)  + 
    [*2] *PROBIOTICS*, e.g, 2 packages Bio-K Plus ProBiotic initially, and spoonful more occasionally, of *different beneficial bacterium(s)+
    [*3] *GREENS/dense nutrients (e.g., *spinach- lots; beets, purple cabbage, celery, etc.; fresh juicing is best)  +
    [*4] Vitamins/Supplements (C, B, etc., whatever helps immune system)  + 
    [*5] Water (lots- dehydration often contributes greatly to tooth/gum problems).
    (4.)Gingerly bushing teeth with Baking Soda (NaHCO3)after most meals; plenty H20; whole milk/butter/yogurt/sour cream/buttermilk/cheeses, plenty of greens (spinach!), carrots, beets, purple cabbage, potatoes, fresh *herbs*; tuna, soup (meats with bone)/stew; and stayed away from products with (-) phytic acid.
    (5.)Ingesting a fairly large number of different beneficial organisms (bacteria)- *PROBIOTICS* (The relation of flora in the gut to general as a factor in general health is only beginning to be understood, but we adults have about 1 1/2 lbs. of beneficial bacteria that in them, that contribute to some quite complex processes in the body- stay away from antibiotics, if feasible).
    (6.)I also consumed a (massive) number of Calcium Chews (@50+ of Vit D 200 IU/Vit K 40 mcg/Calcium 500 mg [Kirkland Sugar-Free Calcium Chews, Chocolate Flavored, from Costco].
    (7.)Result: my front upper teeth turned completely opaque- white and gleaming, and they felt strong (chewing much better). Everyone was astounded. My suggestion to all is to *cream your soups*- that will eliminate your picky eater’s aesthetic/gustatory issues,and increase metabolic uptake.
    That is my input- I don’t want anyone to suffer from teeth pain,
    as I did so many years!
    [About me: 51 year old highly-educated male in very good shape, formerly vegetarian from age 20-30, now omnivorous, but I stick to poultry & fish (tuna cans, w/o additives) usually].

  11. Ken James says

    Part II. Additional Note: Alternately/in addition to my previous submission, I would like to add that

    (1.) “crunching” *SPINACH* (other greens, too, but spinach rules in my world- confession: very good athelete in several sports- I have found out what it takes to get strong & healthy, after sickness and major injuries), with or w/o other fresh food herbs (I used chopped dill, about a tablespoon), and letting soaking your teeth and gums in that “green juice” will help calcium and other nutrient uptake.

    (2.) METHOD: After some chewing spinach and dill (approx. 1 tablespoon)to bring out the juices, I use my tongue to wipe that green mass all around, and especially between the front teeth and the inner lips, really pressing down into those clefts, thoroughly pressing all along the gum line and teeth… I do this for a couple of hours (today, after I ate my homemade lime chicken yesterday- I forgot, because my last tooth episode was 2 years ago, and because my teeth and gums had become so healthy, I forgot not to eat lime- pH)… and my irritated teeth stopped hurting. I just keep the greens and herbs in my mouth for hours.

    (3.) Rationale, simplified: the calcium ions in the greens are angstrom-sized, and able to travel across the permeable barrier of your gingiva (mucous membrane/gums), and through tooth enamel, because the ions have a relatively lower molecular weight, for “easy” uptake… I hope this helps someone :)

  12. Jocie says

    I really appreciate this post! Esp the accompanying photos- thank your for taking the time to put this up.

    I have read the Nutritional Degenration book. My 4 year old has visible decay on her front tooth (it has hardened and the decay has stopped- it is from when she was 1) that I am aching to see if I can get the enamel to re-calcify. It is into the dentin, but not exactly a hole.

    We have 1 unusual problem: She is milk-protein intolerant. She is not even able to have small amounts of butter, and not even goats milk (wreaks havoc on her intestines).

    I am thinking if I do everything else it still might work, but I am wondering if you have any other ideas.

    I am willing to jump on the bandwagon for our overall health anyway, but healing a tooth is exciting!

  13. betty says

    took my 5 year old to the dentist today. told she needs 3 fillings and “she’s very young to have so much decay”. left feeling like the worst mother ever being given a full run down on what her diet should be and how to clean her teeth. mind you I had always prided myself on providing her with a healthy diet and ensuring her teeth were cleaned twice a day and am devastated that she needs any fillings let alone 3! and her diet is not different from what the dentist suggested-no dumb dentist she is not drinking fruit juice with every meal or having 3 serves of yoghurt s day. on the contrary her favorite drink is water and she herself has always refused any flavoured drinks even at parties. and no she doesn’t have 6 serves of fruit of day!
    sorry for the rant. think I kinda needed to get that off my chest.
    want to try this diet so I can tell this dentist where to shove her dental drill next visit (hehe, in the nicest way possible of course)

    • betty says

      Have the cure tooth decay book on order, got my bones :-)and about to start my first batch of bone broth.
      I’m really looking forward to this and from what I have read it does all make sense! Pity it took my daughters tooth decay for me to find out about it. but hey – on the right track now hopefully!

  14. Daniella says

    Hi Betsy,
    Just happened upon your blog as I was Googling food/recipes to cure tooth decay. Well done, I think I’m more impressed by your son’s enthusiasm to stick with the diet. I’m a mom of 4 on my own journey to prevent/cure tooth decay. Just curious how does your son take the cod liver/skate oil? Liquid, gel or capsules? Sorry if I missed this in comments or article, just super excited to know there are others out there who have gained confidence and results from this diet!

  15. Beverly says

    HI Betsy! I am thrilled I found this! I too am curious how your son takes the cod liver/butter oil? I actually purchased the chocolate flavored gel for my almost 2 year old daughter. I am hoping she will take it. She has decay on her front teeth, maybe more. I go to a pediatric dentist on one month. It was just a quick check by my family dentist when he was cleaning my oldest daughters’ teeth and he told me it was decay. I mam crushed. We are vegetarians and I feel like it is all my fault. My stepson had to have 18 teeth capped at 2 years of age so it may be partly genetic? I really want to cure this without anything major! I am not sure how far advanced it really is but hoping there is a chance to repair. I will be picking up some raw milk tomorrow as well as beef bones to make soups. My daughter has the wort diet and rarely eats as it is. She loves crackers and toast of course. It is so hard to hear that all of that has been making it all worse considering I buy everything organic and with the least amount of ingredients possible. So frustrating. We do eat fish, but she does not like it much. I think the soup/stew will be our best bet as she will eat those when all is mushed together. Thanks for creating this blog/site.

  16. ATUNJE says

    Hi everyone,

    I have two big holes in my lower molars..I want to know if they can still be cured naturally.I don’t want to remove them because they are essential for chewing. I will be happy to get a fruitful response.


  17. msewell says

    Have you heard of miswax root? I’ve been seeing that on the internet to help heal remineralize teeth. Also, you mention bread. But I thought grains and oats are out, so what do you for carbs? Getting grassfed bones for the bone broth in this season is almost impossible. I tried the health stores and online. I plan to take the cod liver/butter oil capsules and make the toothpaste. I already started oil pulling with coconut oil and rinse with peroxide. also, saw online about chewing xylitol gum after meals. Was that mentioned in the book?

  18. MamaBre says

    I just wanted to share my experience because, well, its been a doozy! I know u recommend getting the work done once its “bad” and in some cases I totally agree. BUT, I had some old dental work fail (fillings fall out, tooth broke, etc) in my last pregnancy that I “for sure needed root canals on” and once I started following this diet they healed. The gums sealed around the broken tooth and the hole filled in! Its still not a whole “normal”looking molar, but the pain is gone, its back to strong and fully functional. Now, when I backslid for too long, was still breastfeeding and got pregnant again, this happened (almost exactly like last time but a different tooth) again. I began focusing on adding plenty of seafood, grass fed raw dairy, pasture meats, CLO, vitamin D3, magnesium and cutting way back on grains. Real sourdough, rice and soaked quinoa sometimes and very little sugar is enough to help a lot. But when I’m die hard, it does heal the bad ones but def slowly. It takes time and dedication but is so worth it because IMO this is how we should eat anyways! I feel great, am fit, have energy, my toddler never gets sick and I’m pregnant! Its great for mental health as well because of all the good fats! Other great additions I added recently were seaweed and clay. If my messed up teeth can improve this way, I feel like anyone’s can! Dentin can grow back and I plan on getting my mouth as in tiptop shape possible b4 going under the drill. Why not?! Thanks a ton and I’m very excited to add the fclo/butter oil this week! If I’m seeing benefits without it, I can only imagine whatll happen with all that goodness!! Very exciting and life changing :)))

  19. Kimberly says

    I just came across your website, I am so stressed that my youngest one was in the dentist and they just told me she has weak enamel and needed 2 root canals (on permanent teeth). They pushed us through so fast and did them I feel I didn’t even have time to breathe :( I’ve been reading on all these alternative ways….do you know if there is anything I can do to help whats been destroyed? Should I look into extracting them when she’s older? I’ve been reading on anaerobic bacteria that is pretty much a given when you have a root canal….I’m sooo stressed any ideas? I haven’t been able to reach other people with the same mind set. Thanks for your time!

  20. NoMilk says

    Hello. I am interested in curing 2 of my cavities without going to the dentist.
    However I cannot drink raw milk or eat grass-fed meats because I have no access to that (raw milk is illegal where I live and I live in a university dorm so I have no access to healthier meat options).
    Thanks so much for your help.


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